Tuba Mutlu at Wellness Centre

Pilates classes in Wandsworth, South West London

Why Exercise with us?

Online mat and reformer mixed studio classes in Wandsworth, London taught in classical pilates movement order with transitions. Join me for a mindful but challenging movement experience for a stronger, flexible and balanced body.

The focus on moving in a mindful fashion focusing on correct alignment, correct technique and developing body awareness to improve flexibility, to build overall body st
... rength, muscle balance and endurance.

Both online and studio classes are suitable for beginners or those who have done pilates previously and would like to understand movement at a deeper level. As everyone is different, I teach according the body in front of me. Wether you have lordosis, tight hips or kyphosis the movements will be adjusted to accommodate your level and ability.
Insured By: Hiscox

Insured By: Hiscox
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